Hachimantai Mountain Hotel & Spa all seasons nature escape

Hachimantai Mountain Hotel & Spa enjoys a privileged natural setting beneath iconic Mt Iwate. The 2000m peak dominates the skyline for miles, gives the surrounding Prefecture it’s name, and providing an endless variety of views and hues through the seasons.

View of Mt Iwate in summer
Magnificent Mt Iwate domintates the landscape © Hachimantai Mountain Hotel & Spa

The quality facilities, rooms and superb cuisine make the Hachimantai Mountain Hotel & Spa a year round escape destination.

The hotel is the only on site accommodation, a self-contained oasis in the snowy forest.

Choose from a range of spacious rooms and suites.

Hachimantai Hotel Resort & Spa in summer
Natural forests creep up to the hotel © Hachimantai Hotel Resort & Spa

The cuisine is outstanding, from the exceptional quality breakfast buffet to the magnificent dinners featuring local delicacies from the stone oven or grill. The buffet selection at dinner goes for quality not quantity too – a great array of exquisitely crafted small dishes so take your time and take a few trips back and forwards. They have a very decent international wine list too.

Being a geothermal hotspot the Hachimantai Mountain Hotel & Spa onsen are the real deal too, either the in house ones or up Matsukawa Gorge – which in winter is accessed by riding a 1968 Isuzu bus.

A range of outdoor activities are available, including hiking the magnificent National Park surrounds up through lush forests onto bare volcanic rock fields.

The value for money is exceptional – you could, and we certainly have, pay more for a lot less in Japan, and way more for comparable ski in/ski out quality accommodation in North America or Europe.

Resort www.hachimantai.co.jp/winter/  Resort hotel http://www.hachimantai.co.jp/en/

Packages www.japanholidays.com.au

Getting to Hachimantai Mountain Hotel & Spa

Morioka is the main access point. The fastest of all the shinkansen, the mighty 320kph Hayabusa, whisks you up from Tokyo in 146 minutes or down from Hakodate in Hokkaido in 135 minutes.

That makes it a perfect linking option for 2 island trips, using JR Tohoku & South Hokkaido passes, or using the Tohoku Pass for a host of other great options including nearby Iwate ones like Shizukuishi and Geto Kogen.

Flight options into Hanamaki Airport are increasing – including international flights from Shanghai. Internally fly there from Hokkaido, Osaka or Nagoya.

Self drive is a good idea in this region generally – empty roads make it pretty easy, apart from the regular blizzards! 

Hop off the Tohoku Expressway at IC 45 Matsuo-Hachimantai and it’s around 15 minutes from there.