Lotte Arai Resort summer fun in Niigata

Lotte Arai Resort in summer is an exhilarating outdoor getaway for all the family. Despite being one of the snowiest winter resorts in all Japan, the snow all melts and glorious green forests and carpets of wild flowers are revealed.

Zipline adventure tour Lote Arai Resort
How cool is this? The 1500m zipline drops 240m soaring over a valley © Lotte Arai Resort

Get the adrenaline pumping on the zipline. It soars over a high valley from Zendana station to the mid-station of the gondola. Enjoy incredible views to Mt Myoko and the Sea of Japan as you defy gravity on the long “flight” down.

The zip tour operated by Lotte Arai Resort is 1,501 meters in total length and spans a height difference of about 240 meters. It descends sharply from the 950-meter peak to a spot 710 meters in altitude in about three minutes.

An extraordinary experience, the thrill of this tour is one that guests will never forget. It uses a specialized 19-mm thick, 2.4-ton cable. We utilize an advanced safety system, adopted from NASA’s space shuttle launch pad, for our emergency escape device. On the tour, guests can get a bird’s eye view of Lotte Arai Resort’s advanced ski course as it winds around an area of lush nature, as well as the Kokenashi lift. During the first half of the course, guests will enjoy the thrill of speed, while the second half gives horizon spanning views of the Takada plains and the Hokushinetsu mountains.

The Zip Tour is open to 10 years and older, with 120cm height minimum and weight range of 30 – 110kg.

Tree Adventure Park at Lotte Arai Resort
Most of us climbed trees as kids, but not like this! © Lotte Arai Resort

For kids 4 – 12 Japan’s biggest Tree Adventure course is a must. It covers a total area of ​​355,400 square feet and includes a total of 102 play places and eight courses in total.

Located opposite the 4th parking lot, Lotte Arai’s Tree Adventure makes full use of the forests surrounding “Old Primavera” to provide a tree-top adventure offered nowhere else.

Grandkids to grandparents will enjoy the tubing park with course up to 192m long © Lotte Arai Resort

Tubing is fun too, out front of the hotels. The special artificially matted tubing zone can be enjoyed year-round. With a total length of 192 meters and maximum slope grade of 17 degrees, you can enjoy 4 different courses – the largest in all of Japan. Use the moving belt to get back to the starting deck in no time for another ride. Open to 4 years and up, to 100kg – this one is for all the family.

The indoor activity hall includes great climbing walls for all ages too.

Climbing walls for all ages are available at the indoor activity centre © Lotte Arai Resort

A couple of nights in the superb Lotte Arai hotels are gauranteed to reset your system to chillaxed. The indoor year round and summer outdoor pools are complemented by the excellent Hoshizora Onsen fuelled by naturally therapeutic water.

Spa treatments are available for some extra pampering.

Outdoor pool at Lotte Arai Resort
Outdoor and indoor pools and excellent onsen await © Lotte Arai Resort

Make big savings by booking ahead – like 30% off room rates if you book 90 days ahead.

For a change of pace check out historic Kasugayama Kokando temple in Joetsu City © Lotte Arai Resort

The Joetsu City area has plenty of historic sights too, like Kasugayama Kokando temple dating back over 500 years, within an easy 30 minute drive.

Other great packages including sumptous breakfasts, or breakfasts and dinners are available.

Check the full range on the resort links here.

Lotte Arai Resort location map

Summer at Lotte Arai Resort © Lotte Arai Resort