Nakasendo Trail Walk 3 day package special

The Nakasendo Trail follows the famous Nakasendo Highway in the Kiso Valley, built during the Edo period. Literally meaning “mid-mountain road”, the Nakasendo was a trunk-and-trade route that connected Kyoto and Edo (now Tokyo) in the age of the samurai and shogun.

Nakasendo Trail village street scene
Historic villages © Andrew Gow

It once took three days on foot to traverse the rugged countryside with its dense forests and steep mountain slopes, creating a ready made market for inns where the weary traveller could eat, drink and rest.

In the route’s heyday, 69 postal towns, or “juku” flourished along the route. Today just 11 of the towns survive. The best of these with the greatest indications of the historic past are Narai, Magome and Tsumago.

Walking the ancient Nakasendo highway offers travellers a glimpse into a Japan that has changed little over the centuries.

Beautiful forest section of the Nakasendo Trail
Beautiful forest section of the Nakasendo Trail © Andrew Gow

The most popular section of the Nakasendo Trail route is the 7.7km winding mountain road that links Magome and Tsumago, one of Japan’s biggest post-war community preservation projects, where there are many well-preserved and restored traditional buildings.

“Despite the fact that this section is about 170km northeast of Kyoto in the mountains of Gifu and Nagano Prefectures, you can actually do this as a long day trip from Kyoto if you use the Shinkansen and the Shinano Express trains.”

In Japan, traditional accommodation is a holistic experience which embodies comfort, relaxation, bathing and dining within one establishment. The food is at the forefront of this experience.

Traditional rice drying along the Nakasendo Trail
Rice drying in the padi © Andrew Gow

On this three day trip available from Japan experts Japan Holidays you have the opportunity to slow down, take in the history and culture and capture the essence of this unique area on our specially designed tour.

A refreshing waterfall © Andrew Gow

It is a fantastic family holiday experience too, with discounts for children under 12.

Daily luggage transfer is also available as an optional extra service along the Nakasendo Trail, to allow you to enjoy the walk comfortably with just a day pack.

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