ANA make masks a must, promotes cabin air quality

ANA is leading the domestic air traffic recovery in Japan in June with their masks-essential on board and in airports policy for passengers. Since Japanese travellers are long used to wearing masks it is no big deal there.

For July they are scheduling almost 50% of normal planned schedules, up from 30% in June. Services will resume on 20 internal routes. Tokyo to Kobe and Kansai to New Chitose are notable additions.

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At the same time they have been promoting the safety of the air circulating on board.

Here at Jsummer we have long been big fans of ANA’s dedication to cleanliness. On code share flights Haneda to LAX a couple of years back taking ANA one way and United the other it was chalk and cheese.

Almost every time someone used a washroom on the ANA long haul an attendant cleaned it. On United (as happens on most airlines) the attendants dissapeared to rest, chat, or otherwise kill time as the hours passed and the washrooms got dirtier and dirtier.

So if any airline can successfully manage on board hygiene our money is on ANA doing so.

The sooner we can get back on them internationally the better!

ANA’s latest international flight information can be viewed on the link here.